1400 Calorie Diet That Won't Leave You Hungry

1400 Calorie Diet That Won't Leave You Hungry

Over the years, it has been determined that the body needs only a small and specific amount of calories every single day in order to survive. When you consume more than this amount, the body needs to do something with the extra calories. Since the human body is a very efficient machine, rather then simply dispose of the extra calories, it stores them away in its fat reserves so that they are available later on if needed. It is the efficiency of our bodies which leads to a gain in weight.

In order to counteract this repetitious storing cycle that many overweight people have to suffer from every single day, the simplest solution is to reduce the amount of calories one consumes on a daily basis. The idea of watching your calorie consumption is nothing new and while people constantly look for easier methods of losing weight, calorie counting diets have still been proven to be the most successful weight loss regimen to date.

The most recent evolution is known as the 1400 calorie diet. The goal of the 1400 calorie diet is to plan ahead and prepare as many of your meals as possible in order to ensure that you do not exceed your daily limit of 1,400 calories. Based on the concept that muscle mass is important to losing weight, the 1400 calorie diet focuses on making sure that you have enough energy for your muscles to stay healthy.

It is interesting to point out that the concept of losing weight should have less to do with the scale and more to do with the amount of body fat one has on them. Keep in mind that muscle mass is heavier, yet slimmer than that of fat. Fat simply takes up space and results in the bloating look commonly associated with obesity. It is possible to slim down and loose the fat, but still manage to gain weight. This happens because the fat is being replaced by muscle mass which is important to ensuring a healthy and safe weight loss.

A 1400 Calorie Diet Will Give You Some Great Results

While there are countless fad diets that are intended to starve you of the nutrition that your body needs in the name of slimming down, they form of diets end up causing you to lose both fat as well as muscle. As a result, after you have obtained your goal and stopped the diet, your body rebounds by gaining even more weight then it had in the first place.

Any diet needs to have proteins, plenty of raw fruits and vegetables as well as nuts, honey and lemons. These are all key to living healthier lifestyles. They are also necessary for the building of strong muscles. The 1400 calorie diet simply limits the amount of calories or energy that your body consumes every day. This results in your body pulling needed energy from your fat reserves. This is why calorie counting diets have been so popular and so effective over the years.

But let’s face it, counting calories is not for everyone and for most people, it can be a burden to constantly have to watch what they eat every meal. This has led to numerous people seeking out other fad diets and miracle weight loss programs that insist they can lose weight without doing anything important like dieting an exercise. Any weight loss regimen should include the monitoring of the foods you eat combined with regular daily exercise.

While there are many weight loss supplements out there today, none of them has become as popular as that of green coffee bean extract. This is not a miracle supplement and no one should ever claim that it is. It is merely a supplement which makes use of a chemical called chlorogenic acid. The chlorogenic acid is extracted from freshly picked coffee beans that have not been roasted. It helps to slow down the release of glucose by the body following a meal which is important to helping one lose weight.