Post-wedding SexSexual relationships change after wedding,

Post-wedding SexSexual relationships change after wedding,

Post-wedding Sex
Post-wedding Sex
Sexual relationships change after wedding, and so do both spouses. It happens quite often that many couples feel their sex drive towards each other blunts. For these couples, having sex once a month becomes a norm. Every day problems each couple faces greatly contribute to this decrease in sex drive. He who induced only positive emotions earlier now becomes associated with dirty socks scattered all over the house and strange stains on a toilet rim. Why this happens and what can we do about it?

How Sex Changes with Time

While earlier sexual intercourses always felt new, now you often experience deja vu. Of course, you can’t blame it all on this. Actually, keeping sexual relationships exciting requires much creativity and learning new things.

Why Sex after Marriage Is Often Boring

At first stages of relationship, our hormonal profile is different. What we call “love” triggers the release of certain hormones into the blood, which boosts sex drive. These hormones keep us having sex all night long and then working all day long without feeling tired. 1-1.5 years later, these processes begin to slow down. Some people may experience the change even earlier. The lack of this hormonal “dope” blunts sexual relationships. It means that now you have to try harder to get your partner in the mood.

How to Make Post-Marriage Sex More Exciting

That’s why you have less sex. And if you do have it, it comes out pretty boring. Yet, you can restore fading feelings if you’ll give it a good try. When hormones fail to do their job, it’s time for creativity. Experimenting with new caresses and poses can help reveal new erogenic zones and get early sensuality back. While earlier sex was about overwhelming emotions, it now becomes a process that brings new feelings and helps partners to learn new things about each other.

Share Our Sexual Desires

So what’s the action? Share with each other. If you want to change something, make you partner understand what and how you’d like it most. Find caresses that would please you both.

How to Save Sexual Life in Marriage

Top tip on how to save any sexual relationships is about trying to satisfy the partner. If both spouses share this attitude, their sexual life will be rewarding. Until egoism prevails, you’ll keep fighting because one of you gets satisfied and turns his or her back on the other.

Looking for the Perfect Man
Looking for the Perfect Man
It seems metrosexuals are losing ground to a new type of men that successfully combines sensibility and manhood. In a study, conducted by one of the major consumer goods manufacturers, this type was defined as “neosexual“. The neosexual is a male distinctive for his historically masculine qualities but who’s still emotional and sensitive. This is a hybrid of patriarchal man and a metrosexual. The neosexual is emotionally developed and instinctively understands the needs of a modern woman.

According to the study, women have become sick of effeminate men and look for more masculine type partners (like cowboy type). Women do not tend to encourage the behavior that wipes off the sex differences, Argentina’s Corrientes Noticias wrote.

Women get irritated by men who spend a lot of time taking care of themselves and use much of cosmetics, especially with strong scents. The poll also showed that the new type of men is attractive because neosexual’s ability to make independent decisions.

The ideal man of today is physically and sexually strong.

Women do not enjoy the Internet and other technologies of communication anymore. They are tired not only of metrosexuals but also of another type of modern men, living in hectic rhythm, web-addicted, impersonal. Women want to hear the voice of their boyfriends over the phone and expect men to ask them for a date, and text messages are not satisfying anymore.

In the poll, 72% of women said they would prefer a strong and determined man who knows what he wants and achieves his goals.

85% of women confirmed that they would be turned on by a passionate kiss and their partner’s drive to “drag them into bed”. They like men to initiate sex because it makes them feel seductive and desirable.

65% of women said they hated it when men spend too much time dressing up before going out. They think men should take care of themselves but when they spend more time in front of the mirror than women, it’s just too much.

And what is your idea of the perfect man?

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Couple Making Love
Couple Making Love
Honestly, how much sex do you need to be happy? Well, to be fully satisfied and, of course, with your darling? Ok, don’t say it. Because most women are going to be insincere. So were my friends whom I gave the same question. “The more, the better”, – went first one, and the rest were unanimous. I nodded out of courtesy and thought within myself that the ladies were doing their best to be in tune with the times.

Being Nympho is the Hottest Trend

It seems that when it comes to sex (and everybody at bachelorette parties are ready to talk about their intimate achievements), we all start exaggerating: we want it all the time and we can do it all. Today’s successful woman should not only look good, drive a car and know everything about Dow Jones index but also have as much sex as possible. Having abnormal sexual desires or, at least, imitate nympho ways really seems to be the latest female trend. It won’t surprise me if soon women start writing in job applications “attend sexoholics anonymous” to express their truly active attitude towards life.

Do We Need That Much Sex?

Take sexual positions. How many positions do you know? And how many of those help you to achieve orgasm? I’m not being curious. I’m trying to make it clear. Because our obsession with acrobatic positions means something: if you have sex in unsatisfying positions, then someone needs it? And this “someone” is obviously not you. Of course, men must be excited with total “nymphonisation”. Earlier, men had to beg for sex from us, but now we are begging it from them. Is sex quantity about female happiness? Indeed, if you live with the man of your dream, why not having sex every working day and twice on weekends? Oh, it’s not enough for you to have it once a night, let’s make it five times, darling! Isn’t it exciting?! Exciting it is. But problems may follow.

Sleeping Back-to-back

Each couple experiences the same problem. First months you never get out of bed, and then the desire blunts and you end up sleeping back-to-back. I haven’t met a woman who took this change philosophically. Most women believe that this shift from once a day to once a week indicates dying relationship, so we struggle to get the previous result back. Weekend sex is like subsistence level: enough to survive but leaves you feeling more. Ask yourself – why should you need more? Are your sexual desires so high that you have to light the fire of passions every night? Of course, it is cool when your partner is doing a good job, but eventually your sexy underwear will seem boring to even most lustful lovers. Once it occurs to a man you can’t count on his strong erection. That’s because any man understands what the erotic underwear is all about – he must do his best. He “must”, you see. The truth is the relationship becomes boring not because we don’t have enough sex. It’s because we fail to enjoy sex. Woman thinks her partner needs sex everyday, so she plays a role of sex bomb. In his turn, man thinks his partner is a nympho and secretly takes Viagra pills. Finally, sex that should bring you both pleasures turns into obligation.

Indulge Yourself in Quiet Sleep

According to sex experts, even the strongest relationship does not withstand everyday sex. It is unnatural for women to have higher sexual desire than man. So if you are fed up with sexy lingerie and permanent sleepiness, just indulge yourself in quiet sleep. And don’t worry about someone else’s satisfaction. If the desire wakes up in your partner in the middle of the night, he won’t be hesitating because of your warm pyjamas and the lack of burning candles.

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Italian sociologists have conducted a poll to reveal top 10 sexiest male professions. The poll involved over 1000 women (age 22-55 years). It is interesting that the absolute majority of women named the men in uniform. The hottest favorites were law enforcement officers.

34% of women gave their vote to the men in police uniform. The reason was the policemen’s good physical fitness and the color of their uniform (blue, dark blue and gray are associated with security). 26% of ladies named carabineers (rifles), 18% – aircraft pilots.

Lifeguards (11%) and barmen (8%) look less attractive to women. These professions ranked fourth and fifth on the list.

So, here are the top 10 sexiest male professions:

  • Policemen
  • Carabineers
  • Aircraft pilots
  • Lifeguards
  • Barmen
  • Sailors
  • Physicians
  • Cooks
  • Bricklayers
  • Lawyers.

Is He Cheating?
Is He Cheating?
No relationship is protected from infidelity. Lipstick stains on his collar or a questionable sweet-kissing-SMS are not the only telltale signs of cheating. His sexual behavior in the bedroom may reveal this hard-hitting truth too. Here is a list of top signs that will help you to catch a cheating spouse. Well, he is cheating on you if…


He suddenly stopped kissing you. Kisses are a good litmus test for any relationship. If you feel a complete lack of kisses in your daily or sexual life, it is time to sound the alarm. Both women and men generally consider kissing to be more intimate expression of emotion than sex.

Sexual Life

Nothing has changed in your daily routines except that your sexual life is slacking off or, even worse, stops completely. Your partner is always too tired, or stressed out, or has continuous migraine, or falls asleep as soon as his head touches a pillow. Besides, the decrease in his sexual activity has come all of a sudden. Try to recall recent events, and you will probably find the link between his apathy and his last business trip with a new colleague.

His Cell Phone

Your relationship has become a love triangle with his cell phone. He never parts with it, neither while sleeping, nor when taking a bath. Each time his cell phone vibrates (ringing mode is permanently turned off not without a reason), he becomes uneasy.

His Night Outfit

His complete night outfit includes now pyjamas and trunks. And to get to his body, you should surmount all these flannel and cotton barriers, apart from his own unwillingness to throw his protective sleepwear off.


He suddenly began to avoid your caresses. He says you do it all wrong or they hurt, tickle or freeze him. This list of his complaints is far from being complete.

Your Sexual Satisfaction

He no longer cares about your satisfaction. Previously he used to drive you crazy till you almost fainted. Now he is just indifferent about the way you feel and turns his back on you as he gets satisfied himself.


When lying in bed he avoids your hugs giving ridiculous reasons like feeling stuffy discomfort or backache.

His Libido

Finally, you noticed he completely lost his sexual interest in you. Nothing seems to revive it, no matter how seductive your petting is or how sexy you look.

Is He Cheating?

Maybe it’s time you should stop deceiving yourself with illusory hopes and communicate honestly with your partner. The certain truth is that men, indeed, can be very vulnerable and sensitive to any kind of stress that affect their sexual drive.

And what if he’s really tired and overworked, and doesn’t care about a long-legged secretary in his office. Perhaps, that’s all about midlife crisis or he’s just going through a bad streak.

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Visiting tanning salon is regarded almost necessary for those women who look after themselves. And that’s a mistake. Because men, as it turns out, are more attracted to women with fair skin as they seem to men more innocent and pure. On the other hand, women go for dark-complexioned men that they associate with virility.

Experts at the University of Toronto argue that regardless of the race, women with fairer skin seem to be closer to the ideal as they are subconsciously associated with innocence, purity, modesty, virginity, fragility and even goodness. While men with dark skin attract women because the latter associate it with sex, mystery and danger.

Researches analyzed perceptions of more than 2 000 advertising photographs of men and women with different hues of skin. They came to the conclusion that if men chose between Keira Knightley and Penelope Cruz they would instinctively go for the former actress while women would prefer famous Lovelace with dark skin George Clooney to Daniel Craig.

Dr Shyon Baumann, a sociologist, thinks that every culture has a set of ideals about how women should look and behave. In Europe, for example, the majority of ethnic groups have the genes responsible for fair color of eyes, hair and skin. No wonder that long-established traditions reflected on the male perception of modern women.

Besides, fair skin was a symbol of nobility in Europe and America because suntan was associated with hard labor in the fields, and upper class wasn’t supposed to work. That’s why women were hiding under their cute sun umbrellas.

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