Where Is It Written That…  healthcool

Where Is It Written That… healthcool

I feel the need to take a break »

I have to feel bad ALL the time?

I have to spend entire days without speaking to anyone?

I have to be ALONE all the time?

I not get to enjoy ANYTHING I used to?

Where is it written that I should spend my time writing silly posts like this????

Whew…that’s better…sort of.

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on Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 at 7:21 am and is filed under health.

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(((((((((((Davey))))))))))))) I’m sorry you’re feeling so alone.

If you find the answers to those questions PLEASE let me know.

We’re here for ya {{{{{{DAVEY}}}}}}}

I believe I saw your name near mine in the SHYT BOOK of LIFE …..((davey ))

You dont deserve this at all. I am so sorry your going thru this.

I dont know what to say to comfort you other than your in my thoughts and prayers.

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