Building Your Own Greenhouse Greenhouse Designs

Building Your Own Greenhouse Greenhouse Designs

Greenhouse styles are variations of the greenhouses designed to fit every need and space availability. The following are examples:

The Solar Greenhouse

There are two kinds of solar greenhouses. First is the active solar greenhouse that uses photovoltaic systems to collect solar heat and energy to maintain ideal greenhouse temperatures at night and during cold weather. Another advantage of having a solar greenhouse is that it enables the gardener to grow virtually all kinds of plants depending on its heat requirements. The other kind is the passive solar greenhouse. This type of green house is less expensive to operate. Often, barrels of water are used to store up the suns energy and then the heat is dispersed inside the greenhouse as the temperature cools down due to the principle of heat transfer.

The Pit

The best advantage of the pit greenhouse is that it uses the wall of the ground as natural insulators. In areas that are prone to bad weather and where the wind could be high, the pit greenhouse is an ideal design. To make a pit greenhouse effective, the pit should be at least five feet from the water table. The walls are lined with wood or other materials. Drains are built to direct the water from the greenhouse and keep it dry. This design is one of the best in providing minimal heat loss.

The A Frame

This greenhouse type called because of its slanted sides. Depending on the degree of the slant, the A Frame could handle snow and could be more expensive to heat. The A frame type though are strong greenhouse structures.

Modified A Frame

The roof of the modified A frame is not as steep as the A Frame. It is constructed like a typical house except for the eaves. It provides more space as it has walls. Due to the design, the heating cost is less.

The Barn

The design is very similar to the modified A Frame except for the gambrel roof. This design is efficient in conserving heat. The walls allow good space utilization.

Quonset Hut

The structure is semi circular like a military shelter. The design makes the greenhouse easy to heat and is also efficient at heat conserving. Polyethylene and sheets of polycarbonate are used because of the hoop style structure. It is very easy and inexpensive to heat.

The Gothic Arch
The design is a variation of the Quonset hut except for the pointed arch and the sides that are straighter. Aesthetically, greenhouses with Gothic arch are pleasing to the eye.